Artifact Index

This page provides an index of the coins and artifacts made by Gregson Vaux Artifacts. Please click on the links below to open a page for the particular coin. It will take a long period of time to publish histories of all of the different coin editions and artifacts so please be patient.

23rd Psalm – All is Well

23rd Psalm – Auf grüner Aue

23rd Psalm – Consider The Ravens

23rd Psalm – Der Tag nach dem letzten Tag

23rd Psalm – End of The Day

23rd Psalm – Gather at The River

23rd Psalm – Green Pastures

23rd Psalm – Life With Purpose – English

23rd Psalm – Life With Purpose – German

23rd Psalm – Morning Breaks

23rd Psalm – Night Has Come – English

23rd Psalm – Night Has Come – German

23rd Psalm – Overflowing Grace – English

23rd Psalm – Overflowing Grace – German

23rd Psalm – The Day After The Last Day

23rd Psalm – The Valley of The Shadow of Death

23rd Psalm – Underneath The Rainbow

23rd Psalm – Unter dem Regenbogen

Air Quality – Citizen

Air Quality – Engineer

Air Quality – Environmentalist

Air Quality – Industrialist

A Nation of Outcasts – A New Day

A Nation of Outcasts – The First Sunset

A Nation of Outcasts – All Through The Night

A New Home – Monarch

A New Home – New Worlds

A New Home – Annals

A New Home – Biological Imperative

A New Home – Endangered Species

Cavan’s Prayer – Banquet

Cavan’s Prayer – Crystal Ports of Light

Cavan’s Prayer – Golden Season

Cavan’s Prayer – Summer Fruit

Cavan’s Prayer – Waters Below, Waters Above

Cydra – All The World’s a Stage

Cydra – Elysian Sea

Cydra – Ex Cathedra

Cydra – Requiem

Cydra – Sacred Space

Cydra – Saffron Vesture

Cydra – Sidereal Fire

Cydra – Sidereal Motion

Cydra – The Fourth House

Cydra – Through a Glass Darkly

Dawning Hope – Darkest Before Dawn

Dawning Hope – Elessar

Dawning Hope – Gondolin

Dawning Hope – Lake of Dreams

Dawning Hope – Midgard

Dawning Hope – Sea of Clouds

Dawning Hope – Sea of Nectar

Dawning Hope – Sea of Tranquility

Dawning Hope – Siege

Dawning Hope – Turgon

Dawning Hope Traveler – Central Radiance

Dawning Hope Traveler – Ethereal Radiance

Dawning Hope Traveler – Luminal Retreat

Dawning Hope Traveler – Sidereal Radiance

Dawning Hope Traveler – Solar Radiance

Dawning Hope Traveler – Vestal Radiance

Dawning Hope Traveler – Vitreous Radiance

Dwarven Soul – All The Way Across The Sky

Dwarven Soul – Beyond the Western Sea

Dwarven Soul – Blue Pearl

Dwarven Soul – Buckets

Dwarven Soul – Central Fire

Dwarven Soul – Daughters of Midda

Dwarven Soul – Fermented and Distilled

Dwarven Soul – First Gloaming

Dwarven Soul – Hot Metal

Dwarven Soul – Lessons for Aurelia

Dwarven Soul – Nine Paths

Dwarven Soul – Ravens and Little Ones

Dwarven Soul – Resplendent Night

Dwarven Soul – Shadow and Flame

Dwarven Soul – The Dwarf Women’s Laboratory

Dwarven Soul – The Geometry of Light

Dwarven Soul – The Hammer Swings and The Sparks Fade

Dwarven Soul – The King’s Hope

Dwarven Treasure – Beltane

Dwarven Treasure – Blood Stained Halls

Dwarven Treasure – Blue Silver

Dwarven Treasure – Brimstone

Dwarven Treasure – Delving Too Deeply

Dwarven Treasure – Engines of Change

Dwarven Treasure – Forge Fire

Dwarven Treasure – Holly King

Dwarven Treasure – Mithril Sheen

Dwarven Treasure – Nahhash

Dwarven Treasure – Sapphire Grotto

Dwarven Treasure – Secrets of the Night

Dwarven Treasure – When The World Was New

Dwarven Treasure – Yaruhha


God of Science – An End to Darkness

God of Science – Cambrian Explosion, Banffia

God of Science – Cambrian Explosion, Hallucigenia

God of Science – Cambrian Explosion, Hurdia

God of Science – Cambrian Explosion, Opabinia

God of Science – Cambrian Explosion, Walliserops

God of Science – Chloroplast

God of Science – Dark Energy

God of Science – Fires of Creation

God of Science – Gleaming Truth

God of Science – Golden Knowledge

God of Science – Inflation

God of Science – Iron From The Earth

God of Science – Life Emergent

God of Science – Pearl of Wisdom

God of Science – Smelted Copper

God of Science – Transformed by Fire

Miterathea – Building Fertile Ground

Miterathea – Elements of Life

Miterathea – Expanding Shells

Miterathea – Final Flash of Glory

Miterathea – From Death Comes Life

Miterathea – Mother of Sol

Miterathea – Nucleogenesis

Miterathea – The Loom of Heaven

Miterathea – Who Mourns for Miterathea?

Miterathea – Yearning for Motherhood

3 thoughts on “Artifact Index

  1. Dear Gregson,

    thank you for this wonderful archiv of your amazing coins. I really hope, that I ever will have the chance to get an exemplar of “23rd psalm – Night has come”. I lost my heart to that coin …


  2. Found this archiv while trying to find out what editions I have.
    So sorry it’s not complete yet.
    It’s amazing to see what you have already created.
    Please go on doing so!


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