A Nation of Outcasts – All Through The Night

Limited Edition – Retired Coin Design

This page last updated on 2015-06-08

Coin Name :     A Nation of Outcasts

Edition Name:     All Through The Night

Diameter:     1.75 inches

Finish:     24 karat Gold and Black Nickel

Years Minted

2011 – 100 coins

The advertisement below is the exact wording that was used, but there are two very small mistakes. It calls the enamel on this coin “hard enamel” when really it is imitation hard enamel, which is the color used on nearly all high-end geocoins. The second mistake is that the finish is actually 24 karat gold.

Text of advertisement:

This edition of “A Nation of Outcasts” is called “All Through the Night”. It features hard enamel and 18 karat gold on black nickel. These coins were sold at the 2011 Geocoinfest in South Carolina and three different editions were minted. Each edition was limited to 100 coins.

The coins include two symbols from the South Carolina flag: the palmetto tree and the crescent. The palmetto tree is thought to be from the palmettos used to construct the fort on Sullivan’s Island. The logs are soft and thus better able to resist canon fire than other types of wood. The fort was key in defending Charleston from the British in 1776. The origin of the crescent is more mysterious. Some say that it is a piece of armor for the neck called a gorget; others say that it is a heraldry symbol known as a cadence, which tells birth order and the crescent represents the second son. Many people who came to America were second, third, fourth, or later sons, who had no inheritance and thus no ties to the old world. Their fortune could best be found in a new land where they could flourish. The symbols around the ship are the cadences representing the first through ninth son.

The text on each side of the coin is strongly inspired by Psalm 92 and Psalm 118 in the bible:

“The righteous will flourish like a palm tree”

“The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; the LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes”

The three editions are:

“A New Day” – epoxy enamel on antique nickel
“The First Sunset” – cloisonne (colored glass) on solid antique copper
“All Through The Night” – epoxy enamel on 18 karat gold and black nickel

Gregson Vaux Black Nickel Gold 7-11-2011 IMG_0897 cropped IMG_0901 cropped

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