Dwarven Soul – Nine Paths

Limited Edition

This page last updated on 2016-12-25

Coin Name :     Dwarven Soul

Edition Name:     Nine Paths

Finish:     Antique Bronze

Years Minted

2014 – 50 coins

The Dwarven Soul coins are 2 inches in diameter and have their own custom icon. This edition features four colors of glow-in-the-dark enamel with an antique bronze finish.


Gregson Vaux wrote, “when I saw this coin, I knew that it could not be be called ‘Mushroom Forest’, so I looked at how it appears in the dark and the answer was obvious, It is called ‘Nine Paths’.”

*** Narrative ***

Some Dwarf priests say that a Dwarf is always walking in one of two directions: either toward the Maker or away. There are nine paths that can be walked by any Dwarf but each leads in only two directions either toward the center or away.

Other Dwarf priests say that it is the nature of Dwarves to always be walking away from the maker in one of nine directions. No matter how hard they try to remain true, they stray farther and farther away. But, in every life, there comes a time when you find yourself all alone in a dark chasm and you cannot find your way back. In the dark you become aware of a light and even though you had been walking away from the center all of your life, somehow you see that the maker is right next to you. Somehow, you have come full circle.

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