God of Science – An End to Darkness

This page last updated on 2017-2-11

Coin Name :     God of Science

Edition Name:     An End to Darkness

Finish:     Nickel

Years Minted

2016 – 50 coins

The God of Science coin is two inches in diameter. The Hebrew passage is from the book of Job in the bible, the 28th chapter, and well describes the pursuit of science. As with many ancient biblical verses, it is moving poetry: “. . . They search the sources of the rivers and bring hidden things to light . . . “ The front side of the coin shows science’s current best depiction of our Milky Way galaxy. The spiral arms continue into the English translation of the Hebrew. The font used very closely matches the look of classical Hebrew.

The back side of the coin contains the exact same text as the front side, but in biblical Hebrew from thousands of years in the past. The images are concepts unknown to humanity until revealed by science (and math). They are:

The standard model in particle physics

The earth’s magnetic field

A stellated dodecahedron

A telescope

Convection currents

A bacteriophage

Mitosis in a cell

A benzene molecule

A golden spiral

An interference pattern (background image)


This edition features rainbow colors on a background of black pearl enamel with a nickel finish













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