Dwarven Soul – Ravens and Little Ones

This page last updated on 2016-12-25

Coin Name :     Dwarven Soul

Edition Name:     Ravens and Little Ones

Finish:     Antique Copper

Years Minted

2013 – 80 coins

2014 – 50 coins

The Dwarven Soul coins are 2 inches in diameter and have their own custom icon. This edition features two colors of glittering enamel on an antique copper finish.


*** Narrative ***

“. . . Remkkel led Math into the cavern. The space was largish and Math guessed that the floor was about one acre in area. A fast flowing brook ran from one wall to the opposite one and there were several pools scattered along its length. At first Math thought that the pools were natural, but the Dwarves had taught him some masonry and architecture and Math knew that the pools were artificial. Still, they were breathtakingly inviting and Math had a strong urge to strip off his boots and run through the water. Even more interesting were the piles of huge crystals ranging in size from pebbles to cobbles, to small boulders. There were vast quantities of them scattered throughout the cavern. Lastly and perhaps most beautiful of all were the mushrooms the size of trees. They smelled like the rich earth and most of them glowed from within.

The stillness was suddenly interrupted by the sound of high pitched shrieking and bird calls. Like a wave of noisy chaos, about twenty Dwarf children and a similar number of ravens poured into the room. Some of the children and birds ran into the water, while the others began to build walls and castles with the crystals. The children mostly built with the larger crystals and the ravens picked up the pebbles to add decorations.

Remkkel looked at Math and a huge smile lit up his face. “Don’t be too serious, Let’s join them!” Math had been waiting for an invitation like this. Eagerly, the old Dwarf and the human who himself had only recently been a boy, ran into the water laughing and splashing with the children. . . “

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