Dwarven Treasure – Sapphire Grotto

Limited Edition

This page last updated on 2016-12-28

Coin Name :     Dwarven Treasure

Edition Name:     Sapphire Grotto

Finish:     24 Karat Gold

Years Minted

2013 – 50 coins

The Dwarven Treasure coins are 2 inches in diameter and have their own custom icon. This edition features two shades of blue sparkle enamel on 24 karat gold.


*** Narrative ***

Far inside the Dwarves’ city, past the temple district, is a large natural cavern that only two humans have entered. Miles inside that chamber and off to the side lies a small grotto whose entrance is so nondescript that few would notice it. However, once inside, the visitor will see that every last bit of the walls and ceiling are covered with naturally faceted blue sapphires. The gems are beautiful, but they are not the reason that the Dwarves hold this chamber as sacred, it is because of how the grotto changes any Dwarf that enters. If a poet goes in, he may come out a warrior, or if a king enters, he may come out a craftsman or a simpleton. You see, the grotto has changed every individual who ever entered. When a Dwarf enters and then exits, he always insists that he is no different than before and perhaps that is true for a time, but then he invariably experiences strange and unsettling dreams. After the dreams have run their course, the Dwarf is never again the same. Sometimes the change is a blessing, but just as often, it is a terrible curse. For this reason, only those Dwarves who have grown to hate their lives enter.

How does this grotto affect humans? Just one has entered in all of known history. Queen Aurelia, following the death of her husband, begged the Dwarves to allow her entrance. After much discussion, they reluctantly granted her passage. Was she changed when she returned to the human world? Did she dream strange and unsettling dreams? Well, that is a story for another night . . .


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