Dwarven Soul – The Geometry of Light

Limited Edition

This page last updated on 2016-12-26

Coin Name :     Dwarven Soul

Edition Name:     The Geometry of Light

Finish:     Antique Gold

Years Minted

2013 – 30 coins

The Dwarven Soul coins are 2 inches in diameter and have their own custom icon. This edition features a rainbow of resin colors with a white background. The coins of this edition were given away as prizes to people who were able to figure out what the various items on this coin design meant. There is now a diagram (below) that explains everything, but during this contest the items were still mysteries. However, as of Christmas 2016, there is still one feature that has never been figured out or revealed. The contest never ended and one of these coins will still be given away to the person who can figure it out.



It had been a little over a week since Math and the Dwarves had created the Dwarven iron using ore and baked coal and everything had changed. He found that he was now greeted warmly by nearly everyone under the mountain and he was included in more conversations, even though he could still not speak Dwarvish very well. There were still some individuals who obviously did not like him because he was human, but most now treated him as one of them and it felt good because he was living among the Children of the Earth who shared his love for metal. He still would never dare call himself a Son of the Earth, but maybe someday he would feel like he could claim that title. Just a few days ago Remkkel had begun calling him “Booni” which means ‘my son’ and that was perhaps the best title of all.


Math had been instructed by Yaffah to meet her for evening lessons in yet another group of chambers that were new to him. She was showing him many of the secrets kept by the Daughters of Midda and this surprised him quite a bit because it was clear that their work was not meant for males. She had said to him several times, “our work is about tending fires, cooking, and endless chatter about whether something is true or not and where it should be kept. A male would just as soon put on a dress and pluck out his beard as do our work.” When she had said this for the third or fourth time, he had demanded, “Then why are you teaching me how to tend fires, stir pots, and discuss where things belong?” she had paused and held up her hands in a sign of friendship. “Math, it is because you are not one of us and you need to know these things to do the work that we have planned for you”. This surprised Math greatly, what work did they expect him to do? She continued on, “I know that in your cities there are men who dedicate themselves to the same work as the Daughters of Midda and they would like to be standing in your place. Human men are not like Dwarf men, they are weaker and softer, like Dwarf women, so our tasks are suited to you.” Math had to slow his breathing down and will his shoulders to relax so that he would not yell his own insults at Yaffah. Besides, she was right, there were other human men who would very much like to be in his place. The Daughters of Midda were easily the best alchemists in all of Midgard, but they saw it as “cooking” and “fire tending”.


As instructed by Yaffah, Math entered the unfamiliar chambers to meet her. The walls had been painted in ways that frightened him and made him feel a bit like an animal caught in a trap. This gave him a strong desire to use a rest room. On room was all white, including the floor and ceiling, while another room was such a deep shade of black that no light bounced back from the lantern he was carrying.


He heard as though from very far off “Math, is that you?” He open the next door to find Yaffah in the middle of the room. For some reason, the sound was different here and she had sounded distant even though she had been very nearby. In front of her was a tripod that came up to about her shoulder height and it supported a frame that appeared to be made of brass. Inside the frame was a large perfectly clear gem that had been cut into the shape of a triangle. She was paying very careful attention as she turned small screws and clamps that held the gem for some purpose that Math could not fathom. Yaffah continued her adjustments as she spoke. “Here is a problem that the Daughters (she meant The Daughters of Midda) have been trying to understand and recently we got an answer.” She used the back of her hand to push her long hair out of here eyes and glanced up at Math.  “Wait here a moment”. She walked over to a very heavy looking metal door in the wall, turned a wheel to open it, and stepped through. She turned around to look back at him and said “do not follow me. What is beyond this door is not for your eyes.” Math waited for a long time and when Yaffah showed no signs of returning, he stepped closer to the gem. It’s basic shapes was a triangle with three equal sides and it was very thick. It was also so perfectly clear and so well polished that it almost seemed to not even be solid. Still, it captured the light in the room so that it appeared to be full of rainbows.


Without warning there was a loud sound unlike anything that Math had ever heard before. He straightened up quickly in fear and wondered if he was in danger. He saw nothing and decided that if there were danger, it did not seem to be immediate. What WAS that noise? It occurred to him that it sounded like a very large bug flying, but it was extremely loud. The sound seemed to be coming from behind the door where Yaffah was. At that moment, the door opened and through it streamed a blinding light. Yaffah stepped through the doorway and shut the door perfectly cutting off all of the light. She had a concerned look on her face as she asked “are you all right? There is nothing here that will harm you”. Math tried to laugh it off, but he knew that he looked frightened. “I don’t know what you have in there, but it sure is loud and bright.” Yaffah kindly put her hand on his arm. “Just think of it as a bright lamp and nothing more. I need a lot of light for what I am going to show you.


She walked over to the wall with the heavy door and Math now noticed another small circular door about the size of an open hand and as with the tripod at shoulder height for a Dwarf. Yaffah opened this door and a beam of light struck the opposite wall creating a perfect circle of light the same size as the small door. She then slid some mechanism and the circle on the wall became smaller and brighter. Yaffah walked over to the tripod and moved the gem until it blocked the light beam. Math gasped as a brilliant rainbow appeared on a different wall. Yaffah was obviously enjoying her spectacle and Math’s reaction to it. “The Daughters have been asking many questions about light and its geometry and here is what we have recently seen. Do you know where the colors come from?” Math said, “that is a rainbow, and I guess that the gem makes the colors.” Yaffah looked a little bit smug as she said “That is what we thought, the gem makes the colors. However, look at this”.


Yaffah held up a square piece of wood painted white about six feet away from the gem. The rainbow was on the wood, but only the red part so that the wooden square was all red. She walked along and as the wood passed through the rainbow it changed colors. First it was all red, then it was all orange, then yellow, green, blue, and purple. She said again, “It seems that the colors come from the gem, but look at this.” She set up six more tripods, but these ones held mirrors. She put the first mirror in the red portion of the rainbow and adjusted it until a red circle appeared on yet another wall. She did this five more times so that there was now an orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple circle. Math did not see the point of all of this until she adjusted the mirrors so that all of the colored circles came together to create a white circle. “Math do you know what this means?” Math felt pretty stupid because he had no idea what her question meant. She apparently hadn’t really expected an answer, because she continued on. “We have found a way to take light apart and put it back together. The gem did not make the colors, all of the colors were already in the white light and we used the gem like powerful snips to cleave the light apart. We are re-learning the secrets of the maker! We are now able to take light apart and put it back together!” At that moment, Yaffah looked like a very young girl who has just been invited to a big party with lots of cake. She was almost dancing and was actually giggling as she grabbed Math by both of his hands and exclaimed, “The Daughters of Midda are re-learning the secrets and we now know how to take so many things apart and then put them back together in different ways!” Math genuinely returned Yaffah’s smile and he danced around the room with her, but he couldn’t help thinking that the Dwarves wanted him to do something and he had the sick feeling that for some reason they were in trouble.

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