Dawning Hope – Gondolin

Artist’s Edition – Retired Coin Design

This page last updated on 2016-02-07

Coin Name :     Dawning Hope

Edition Name:     Gondolin

Finish:     Antique Copper

Years Minted

2010 – 51 coins

The Gondolin edition was minted in 2010 as the artist’s edition. It was limited to 50 coins and will never again be reminted. Gondolin was a city of the elves hidden among protecting mountains. It is said that it was too beautiful to last and sadly it disappeared from the world. While it is now nearly forgotten and lives on only in half forgotten myths, a few precious artifacts from its glory survive. Here is your opportunity to acquire a piece of beauty that passed beyond too soon.

The coin is large (two inches in diameter) and has a unique icon. It features tengwar runes on both sides. This writing was popularized in several books by JRR Tolkien including The Lord of the Rings and the recent movies.

This coin was crafted for those who have forgotten that hope can never die. It reads:

“But my dreams did not leave me, nor the fates long deceive me, and the winter gave way to the spring.”

Dawning Hope - Reverse - Gondolin Antique Copper

IMG_1085 cropped

IMG_1097 cropped

IMG_1090 cropped

IMG_1093 cropped

IMG_1095 cropped


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