Dawning Hope – Sea of Clouds

Retired Coin Design

This page last updated on 2016-02-11

Coin Name :     Dawning Hope

Edition Name:     Sea of Clouds

Finish:     24 Karat Gold

Years Minted

2011 – 50 coins

No matter how far away hope may seem, it is always with us. This coin is especially for those who feel that hope is distant.

The coin is large (2 inches in diameter) and has a unique icon. It features tengwar runes on both sides. This writing was popularized in several books by JRR Tolkien including Lord of the Rings and the recent movies. The Sea of Clouds edition features a 24 karat gold finish. The colors on the side with the flowers are borosilicate glass fused onto the metal coin. This ancient technique is known as cloisonne and is valued for its beauty and extreme durability. The colors on the side with a star are pearl enamel. This edition is named after a physical feature on the moon.

IMG_1312 cropped

IMG_1305 cropped

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