Cydra – Ex Cathedra

This page last updated on 2015-10-15

Coin Name :     Cydra

Edition Name:     Ex Cathedra

Finish:     Antique Bronze

Years Minted

2013 – 50 coins

Cydra Vaux was Gregson Vaux’s sister. She died on July 13, 2013 at the age of 51, after battling cancer for many years. This coin design is to honor her memory. Cydra was an artist who lived in Pittsburgh. Her artistic message often focused on the feminine divine. She asserted that if we are all made in God’s image, then God must be a woman as much as a man. She focused on showing God as female in her art.

This coin is unadorned antique bronze. The phrase “Ex Cathedra” is Latin for “from the chair”. The chair was the symbol of the teacher in the ancient world—the post of university professor is still referred to as “the chair”—and bishops to this day have a cathedra, a seat or throne, as a symbol of their teaching and governing authority.

IMG_3026 cropped cleaned IMG_3028 cropped IMG_3031 cropped webstore IMG_3031 cropped IMG_3032 cleaned IMG_3033 cropped IMG_3035 cropped IMG_3038 cropped IMG_3039 cropped IMG_3041 croppedCydra College Early 1980s med res Cydra Coin Explanation - front - 9-3-2013 Cydra Coin Explanation - back - 9-4-2013Cydra 8-6-2013 version A

Here is a picture of Cydra speaking Ex Cathedra
Here is a picture of Cydra speaking Ex Cathedra

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