23rd Psalm – Der Tag nach dem letzten Tag

This page last updated on 2015-06-05

Coin Name :     23rd Psalm

Edition Name:     Der Tag nach dem letzten Tag (English translation: The Day After The Last Day)

Limited Edition – This edition will never again be produced

Years Minted

2015 – 50 coins

This coin is the brother to the edition “The Day After The Last Day”. Each is a limited edition of fifty coins, but one is in German and the other is in English. All of the colors on this edition are pearl enamel and are intended to imply that the air is full of smoke and fumes. For this edition, I pictured some sort of apocalypse that has left everything in ruins. However, even if an event takes place that can be considered the end of the world, there will still be a following day and in some way it will be a new beginning. This idea may apply to a disaster of any size, for even the sun that shines in our sky was preceded by another star that died so that all of us could live. All of the atoms in our bodies that are heavier than carbon, were made in the explosion that marks a star’s death. Life on earth is only possible because a previous star died.

Text of advertisement:

*** Limited Edition !!! ***
*** Only fifty were made and they will never be reminted! ***

This coin is 2.5 inches in diameter (64 mm), which is huge and will fill your palm unlike any other geocoin. All colors on this edition are pearl enamel. The finish is nickel.

The 12 circles around the edge, on the tree side, represent the passage of time, such as the 12 hours on a clock or the twelve months in a year. The flowers all come from the holy land and are mentioned in the bible. They are, starting at the top and moving clockwise:

Rose of Sharon


Crown Daisy



Black Mustard

Yellow Broom




Star of Bethlehem
Rock Rose

IMG_5978 cropped IMG_5979 cropped IMG_5980 reduced IMG_5981 cropped IMG_5982 cropped IMG_5984 cropped IMG_5986 cropped IMG_5988 cropped

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