A New Home – Endangered Species

Limited Edition

This page last updated on 2015-06-18

Coin Name :     A New Home

Edition Name:     Endangered Species

Limited Edition – This edition will never again be produced

Finish:     Solid Copper

Years Minted

2012 – 40 coins

A large number of animals are migratory and travel long distances to ensure their survival. Nature awakens something in them and they answer the call to leave all that they have known and to move on in search of a new home. Monarch butterflies are well known for their epic journeys that require generations to complete. One sets off, but it never reaches the end. It is left to its children or grandchildren to finally enter the Promised Land.

Humans are like butterflies in that their survival depends on listening to the instinct that compels them to leave behind their comfortable routines in order to seek out a new valley, to cross uncharted oceans, and finally plunge into the sea of stars to look for a new home. A journey this grand will not be completed in one lifetime.

This coin describes how humanity’s migration into space is motivated by the same instincts felt by other animals. The colonization of the planets and later the stars will take generations similar to the migration of monarch butterflies.

Note written on 2015/06/18: The side with the rocket shows a flight path that swings by Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn; this is meant to imply a gravity assist in order to leave the solar system.

This 2 inch coin was minted in 2012 and was offered as a mystery edition, which means that it was advertised as a black and white drawing. The finish and the enamel colors were only revealed when the buyer received the coin in their mail box. Only forty people received the Endangered Species edition of “A New Home” and the coin will never again be minted. It features red, orange and black glass on solid copper.

*** Narrative ***

The butterfly settled on a flower and began to drink in nectar. He was tired, shocked, and frightened, which was something new, because up until now he had been just sad. His name was not “stink bug”, but that was what all of the other butterflies had called him. They never let him forget that he was slower, uglier, and less smart than the rest of them. His whole life he had been left behind and alone and now was no exception. The rest of them had heard some voice telling them to leave and go elsewhere, but he hadn’t heard the call and he was too afraid to follow. Much later he had heard the call too, but just barely and by then he was again left behind.

He had flown without companionship for a long time when unexpectedly he found them. Some days before, they must have all run into a disaster, perhaps a storm. Everyone that he had ever known lay twisted and broken in the dirt; their strong and beautiful wings would never again take flight. They had never been kind to him, but he cried for them. He had wanted so much to be like them, he had wanted so much to fly with them, but again they had gone someplace where he would not follow . . . at least not yet. He looked at his drab and worthless wings and thought that it was unfair that he had been spared death.

“You are the most beautiful sight I have ever seen!” He had not seen the girl butterfly, but she flew eagerly over to him. Her words came out in a torrent, “I thought that I was the only one left alive, I thought that I was the only one spared.” Suddenly, with an irresistibly strong force, he heard the call anew. The two of them must fly an unimaginably long distance together and find a new home, because life was too precious and too fragile and it must continue.

IMG_0627 cropped IMG_0631 cropped IMG_0632 croppedA New Home 4-5-2012 Blueprint version 4

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