23rd Psalm – Gather at The River

This page last updated on 2015-06-06

Coin Name :     23rd Psalm

Edition Name:     Gather at The River

Years Minted

2015 – 50 coins

This edition name comes from the hymn “Shall We Gather at The River”, written in 1864 by Robert Lowry. I was surprised by how well the colors turned out and especially the golden sky. It is always important to me to use quality materials that will withstand the assaults of time and with that in mind, the coin is finished in 24 karat gold and the color on the text side is blue borosilicate glass.

Text of advertisement:

This coin is 2.5 inches in diameter (64 mm), which is huge and will fill your palm unlike any other geocoin. This coin features blue glass on the text side.

The 12 circles around the edge, on the tree side, represent the passage of time, such as the 12 hours on a clock or the twelve months in a year. The flowers all come from the holy land and are mentioned in the bible. They are, starting at the top and moving clockwise:

Rose of Sharon


Crown Daisy



Black Mustard

Yellow Broom




Star of Bethlehem
Rock Rose

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