23rd Psalm – The Valley of The Shadow of Death

This page last updated on 2015-06-07

Coin Name :     23rd Psalm

Edition Name:     The Valley of The Shadow of Death

Years Minted

2014 – 50 coins

This coin was originally intended to be a limited edition, but too many people requested that it be a regular edition. I think that people like confirmation that the world sometimes really is a dark place.

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This coin edition honors the families of those who died much too young. The dark world is, of course, not inhabited by the dead, but by the people left behind, those who cannot see an end to their grief. However, hidden away there are still places where some light remains and refuge can be found until the world again brightens.

This coin is 2.5 inches in diameter (64 mm), which is huge and will fill your palm unlike any other geocoin. It features black borosilicate glass on a black nickel finish. This glass on metal technique, known as cloisonne, has been prized by artists for thousands of years due to its extreme durability and the fact that the colors will not fade. All other geocoin coloring methods will fade in sunlight or exposure to the air.

The 12 circles around the edge, on the tree side, represent the passage of time, such as the 12 hours on a clock or the twelve months in a year. The flowers all come from the holy land and are mentioned in the bible. They are, starting at the top and moving clockwise:

Rose of Sharon


Crown Daisy



Black Mustard

Yellow Broom




Star of Bethlehem
Rock Rose

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