Cavan’s Prayer – Banquet

This page last updated on 2015-07-02

Coin Name :     Cavan’s Prayer

Edition Name:     Banquet

Finish:     24 karat gold

Years Minted

2012 – 50 coins

The “Cavan’s Prayer” coin features a prayer that Gregson wrote for his nephew when he was just a toddler. It is meant to serve as an alternative for the beloved children’s prayer “God is great, God is good”. The other side shows the sources of much of what we eat. In the middle is food from the water, farther out is animal based food, then plant based food, and finally food from the air. The intention is to respectfully thank them for their sacrifice. The coin is large at 2 inches in diameter and has a unique icon.

All of the colors on the side with the cup are borosilicate glass.

Banquet - Annals IMG_1656 cropped cleaned IMG_1657 cropped IMG_1659 cropped cleaned IMG_1661 cropped IMG_1664 cropped IMG_1669 cleaned IMG_1670 cropped cleaned IMG_1672 cropped

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