Dwarven Soul – Buckets

Limited Edition

This page last updated on 2016-12-24

Coin Name :     Dwarven Soul

Edition Name:     Buckets

Finish:     Solid Copper

Years Minted

2016 – 50 coins

The Dwarven Soul coins are 2 inches in diameter and have their own custom icon. This edition features purple glass melted onto solid copper. Glass melted onto metal in a furnace is an ancient artistic technique known as cloisonne. Cloisonne is known not only for its timeless beauty, but for its extreme durability. This coin will be treasured for many generations.


*** Narrative ***

AsehTahur sat in a luxurious chair, high on a hill, looking over the battle. The Dwarves (his Dwarves) were fighting well, but the Orcs were numerous. This was supposed to be quick display of Dwarven military superiority and then an evening of drinking and celebration; however, things were not turning out that way.  This was supposed to be an easy victory. Why didn’t those wretched Orcs turn tail and flee? By the Maker, he hated those Orcs!

Next to AsehTahur sat the general in an equally comfortable chair. His fingers where steepled and pressed against his lips as he made soft humming noises. AsehTahur could not tell if the general felt frustration or if he was enjoying the battle below. The general spoke, “Asti, you were wrong, our Dwarves are not fighting well at all. They look like blinded moles!” The General began to laugh with a deep booming voice and though it might appear that he was amused, AsehTahur could feel sweat suddenly dripping all over his body. “Tell me Asti, you are the chief priest and you claim to speak with the Maker. Whom should I put to the front of the lines?”

He had wanted this chance for a long time, but now that it had come, AsehTahur was afraid. He had felt so wise and clever this morning, why did he now feel like an idiot? He had been planning for years to be invited by the general to sit next to him in a battle and he had been planning  a way to be allowed to move the troops. His plan was to eliminate a group that he hated, not a group of Orcs but a group of Dwarves, The Buckets. He said the name silently to himself. It was a stupid name and it represented all that he hated, filth and stupidity.

Below him he could see the troops, off to the left were the proud Dragons, made mostly of the King’s warriors and dressed in black. In the center were the clever Sons of The Furnace dressed in orange and scarlet. The Sons were troops composed mostly of foundry workers. But his eyes quickly turned to the rear of the army. There hanging back were The Buckets; they wore brown.  They were a filthy, ragged bunch of Dwarves, a stain on a proud people. Like the rest of the troops, they had chosen their name based on their profession. It was they who cleaned out the chamber pots. It was they who cleaned up after everyone else. AsehTahur steeled himself, because he was losing his anger. Those buckets spoke out of turn too often, they had too many opinions, and they did not know their place. Yes, he could do this. He must do this!

The chief priest took a deep breath and he slowly exhaled. He felt calm return to his heart and he spoke clearly and calmly, which shocked him because he was so afraid that someone would know his plan. Who could possibly know? Only he and the Maker knew the contents of his heart. “General, I see that The Buckets have been hanging back, I would guess that they are still fresh and ready for battle, they should move to the front.” The chief priest felt a pleasure that felt very wrong, but even more right. He was ready to see The Buckets slaughtered by these exceptionally resistant Orcs.

The General spoke to the signal Dwarf and soon flags were being waved and horns were sounded to inform the troops of the change in strategy. The Buckets formed into a tight formation, which shocked AsehTahur, they looked like they knew what they were doing! Then all of The Buckets acted in a single motion, they removed their brown coats and let them drop to the ground. Underneath they were wearing purple. The priest and the general each reacted in their own way. The priest was outraged, “They are wearing purple! That is the color of wine! That is the King’s color. Those vermin have no right to wear that color!”

The general’s reaction was very different, he began to laugh in a way that the priest knew all too well. As a Dwarf dedicated to the Maker, he knew the sound of profound awe and respect. He could also see the tears around the Generals eyes. The general was experiencing something too wonderful for words.  The Buckets began to sing a song that the priest had never heard before and a tremendous cheer arose from every lip of every Dwarf on the battlefield. The General slapped the priest on the back. “Asti, don’t you know that song! It is called ‘ZA’AM’ it is the strongest soap that they use when they clean. That purple color they are wearing isn’t the color of wine, it is the color of their soap, ZA’AM. They are saying that they will clean the battlefield of Orcs! Look at them! The Maker is with them!

There were two opinions of the battle that day. Many thousands of Dwarves drank and sang to celebrate the victory of The Buckets. Who could have known that the cleaners of chamber pots could be such mighty warriors? One Dwarf alone felt differently, he felt shame and asked himself how he could have been so blind and so wrong.

In the following months, AsehTahur learned that many had known of his plan. They said that it was obvious that he hated The Buckets and it was obvious that he has been positioning himself to sit next to the general at battle. It was said that The Buckets when they realized the chief priest’s plans had trained tirelessly for months. Perhaps the chief priest had in some way done them a favor and his hatred of them had brought out their greatness.

The general brought by a keg one day and said, “Asti, you have spent too much time in your temple and not enough time listening to the songs of your people. How could you not know about ZA’AM? It is an old word that means rage and that soap was given to The Buckets by the Maker himself. It is said that to be close to The Maker you must be clean and that is what they do; they clean things. They say that the Maker rages against stains. It sounds silly, but it is what they say.

The chief priest felt small and blind, but not so blind that he could not see what was coming next. He drained is stein and spoke to the general, “I do not seem to know the songs that the Dwarves are singing. Do they say that it is time to clean up the temple?” The general nodded solemnly. “I reckon that my duties as chief priest have kept me away from my studies of the ancient texts. I will resign tomorrow and retreat to the library.”

The priest was seldom heard from again, but some scholars say that he gave new insight to the old texts.  The Buckets, however, remained one of the most esteemed fighting units for generations. The purple of their soap was the color that they wore when cleaning the enemy from the battlefield.

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