Dawning Hope Traveler – Central Radiance

Limited Edition

This page last updated on 2016-02-12

Coin Name :     Dawning Hope Traveler

Edition Name:     Central Radiance

Finish:     Copper

Years Minted

2014 – 50 coins

The writing on the front of this coin is called tengwar and it says, “and the winter gave way to the spring”. This design was called “traveler” because it was intended to be placed in caches instead of being kept in a stationary collection. The 2014 editions had a redesigned back face.

*** Narrative ***

The animosity and mistrust between the Elves and Dwarves has existed for so long that many believe that it has always been this way. The Elves say that although there are many sources of light in Midgard, it is the light of the stars that is most noble and true. The Dwarves, meanwhile, say that the light and heat from the central fire, which exists far under the earth, is greatest in strength and closest to the heart of the maker. The Elves insist that the central fire is not at all near to the maker, but closer to the infernal and demonic creatures that dwell under the earth. The Elves say that the central fire produces smoke and brimstone and chokes all that is fair. They say that the central fire is a source to be mistrusted and that the Dwarves are suspect fer revering it.

However, the tales of old say that feelings between the Elves and Dwarves were not always so. In an ancient book, located in the Elves’ city, it is written that in one of the deepest chambers found in the earth, there is a field of flowers that draw nourishment and grow from the light and heat of the central fire. It is written that these flowers can give insight and healing beyond anything else in Midgard. Perhaps this story is just wishing for things that never were and can never be, but lately there has been renewed interest among the Elves for this book. It is said that change is coming.


IMG_4647 cropped

IMG_4655 cropped cleaned

IMG_4648 cropped cleaned

IMG_4658 cropped cleaned

IMG_4653 cropped cleaned

IMG_4657 cropped

IMG_4651 cropped

Dawning Hope Traveler 6-3-2014 version F


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