Dawning Hope – Elessar

Limited Edition (Unique)

Retired Coin Design

This page last updated on 2016-02-07

Coin Name :     Dawning Hope

Edition Name:     Elessar (War Coin)

Finish:     Antique Gold

Years Minted

2010 – 1 coin

The Facts

This “Elessar” coin is the only one of its kind and this edition will never again be made. It is two inches in diameter and unactivated. It is similar in appearance to the “Midgard” Dawning Hope coins, but differs in that it was given a protective epoxy dome at the time of its creation. Of all the Dawning Hope coins, this hard shield can only be found on the four war coins. Only a select group of individuals will be bearers of the war coins as each unique relic is passed from individual to individual over the generations.

The Story

The Azure Scroll of Ecthelion tells a tale of four coins that were forged long ago and known as “the war coins”. These coins superficially appeared to be like other Dawning Hope coins, but were set apart from others of their kind due to the extra protection that was bestowed upon them so that they could “withstand times of trial”.  Various writings that mention these four relics say little about their origins although myths and legends have grown up around them. Two of the coins were named after great leaders, but it is unclear whether they were wrought for these individuals, wrought by them, or in some way embodied their greatest traits.

The four war coins are:

Turgon (only one in existence)

Elessar (only one in existence)

Siege (two coins)

The siege coins were said to be carried by twin princes and were as identical as their first owners. The coins witnessed unspeakable conflicts and even today bear the dark sooty scars of battle.

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