Dwarven Soul – Fermented & Distilled

This page last updated on 2016-12-24

Coin Name :     Dwarven Soul

Edition Name:     Buckets

Finish:     Solid Copper

Years Minted

2016 – 50 coins

The Dwarven Soul coins are 2 inches in diameter and have their own custom icon. This edition features purple pearl enamel with a 24 karat finish.


Remkkel had been acting strange since the early morning. Math’s work today involved creating a high quality melt of tin that would later be used for making spoons and goblets, but Remkkel’s mind seems to be elsewhere and several times visitors came to whisper something with him that had Math terribly curious. When the ingots had finally been poured and the tools were being put away, Remkkel said to Math, “I have one final task for you today.”

They walked toward the area in the city  where the shet hall could be found as well as some of the nicer dining halls for special events. They entered a largish room with an enormous flaming hearth in the center and casks, probably containing ale, lining all of the walls. Math could immediately tell that there was going to be a big party. Off in a corner Zenna was tending a retort with a small coal fire. Drip, drip, drip, a large clear goblet was slowly being filled with a somewhat milky liquid.

Math suddenly felt uncomfortable when he realized that every eye in the room was fixed on him. He knew all of these Dwarves, many were his friends and the rest were workers from the forges, foundries, and the distilleries. Why were they all looking at him? What did they want? Remkkel strode up to him and began to explain, “Kitten, we do some business with your people and on occasion some of us visit the town near your family’s home. We asked about you and learned something interesting, today is your birthday!”

Math felt himself blushing, because he did not deserve this attention. Remkkel continued, “For Dwarves, every seventh birthday is a ‘great birthday’ with a larger than usual celebration. We don’t want to wait that long for you, so we have prepared the drink we call ‘Fermented and distilled’.  A Dwarf first drinks it when he is seven and then every seven years thereafter until he leaved Midgard for the White Mountains beyond the Western Sea. Zenna came forward with the clear goblet half full of the milky distilled liquid. Knowing Dwarves, whatever this was would probably knock him off his feet with its potency. From the other direction, Yaffah approached with a purple decanter. Zenna placed the goblet in Math’s hand and said “Kitten, this has been distilled”. The way she said it made math think that these were ceremonial words.

Math had learned much about minerals from the Dwarves and from the way that the light struck the goblet, he realized that it had been carved from a single flawless diamond. Math felt so unworthy, but he did his best to appear only grateful and nothing more. Yaffah held up the decanter and said with the same air of ceremony. “Math, this has been fermented”. He was only a little less surprised to see that the decanter was made from a single deep purple amethyst. What had he done to deserve this honor? Why did they treat him as one of their own?

With great care, Yaffah slowly poured a purple liquid from the decanter into the diamond goblet. The purple liquid rested on top of the milky liquid without any mixing until a moment later they suddenly switched places. The purple liquid sank and the milky liquid rose and the goblet became a storm of swirling dark and light purple. The surface of the beverage remained calm, but the colors in it thrashed almost violently. Remkkel urged Math, “drink it quickly!” Match was cautious and began to sip, but Remkkel bellowed out, “Be a Dwarf!”, so Math with no further hesitation downed it in a single gulp. His throat was filled with fire for as he expected it was a very strong drink. Yet the effect was delicious in every way. The swirl of colors that had raged through the glass now raged through his stomach and blood in a way so intense that it could only be tolerated once every seven years. Every voice in the room erupted in cheers for Math, and the casks were tapped and the ale flowed.

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